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I am reposting this article so more people will have the chance to read it. I am hoping its author, Herbert Docena, will not mind my doing so. I am glad to see he is a young man who may never even have experienced the worst excesses of the Marcos years. But he has read his history books and he has obviously spoken to many people who, like me, did live through it. 

Parading his body down from Ilocos to Taguig, burying him as a ‘hero,’ and rewriting the history books is also about resuscitating and re-propagating a once dominant ideology: fascism

Herbert Docena
Published 12:09 PM, November 14, 2016

Why, nearly three decades after his death, have the Marcoses and their supporters adamantly refused to just bury the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos beside his mother in Batac, as he himself reportedly wished? Why have they never given up on…

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