This is really why Hillary Clinton was made to lose the election

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Candidate Clinton became so radioactive even her NWO globalist masters were forced to dump her.


The Purple Revolution has been encoded throughout the Clinton Campaign of 2016

State of the Nation

Each of the following 8 reasons — even when considered individually — would be serious enough to torpedo any other presidential candidacy in a New York minute.

Only because of the sheer depth and breadth of the myriad Clinton Crime Family endeavors, and especially their many entanglements with the U.S. Federal Government, did it take so much ammo to finally take Hillary down.

What follows are the top eight reasons why Hillary Clinton was set up to lose the U.S. presidential election of 2016.

The Top Eight

(1) The very Republican 115th Congress had made it abundantly clear that they would impeach Hillary R. Clinton if she was elected the 45th President of the United States. And, that…

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