Is Labour “Friends of israel” an israeli embassy front? What right does this obnoxious, apartheid country have to interfere in UK politics?

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Is Labour Friends of Israel an Israeli embassy front?

Part two of Al Jazeera’s film The Lobby dives deep into the UK’s pro-Israel networks.

It uncovers a startling reality: many of the organizations posing as independent support groups for Israel are operated effectively as covert extensions of the Israeli embassy.

Speaking to an undercover reporter, a key Labour Friends of Israel officer clarified the need for secrecy.

“We work really closely together,” said Michael Rubin. “But a lot of it is behind the scenes.”

Labour Friends of Israel, which counts dozens of lawmakers among its supporters, is a pro-Israel lobby group inside the UK’s main opposition party.

The Al Jazeera reporter was posing as a Labour activist wanting to volunteer for Israel. Known to them as “Robin,” the reporter had been put in contact with Rubin by the embassy’s senior political officer, Shai Masot.

Masot was caught on camera during…

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