One in Five CEOs are Psychopaths

The Most Revolutionary Act


I can see how that could happen, since corporate culture selects on factors other than morality, and for some factors morality can be a handicap (e.g., dumping toxic waste to save money and increase profits: if the benefit to the bottom line is great enough, any who seriously objected would just lose their job; or consider an outrageous increase in price for a lifesaving drug: a psychopath would have no problem with that—did have no problem with that).

Harriet Agerholm reported in The Independent last September:

Around one in five corporate bosses are psychopaths – a proportion similar to that among prisoners – according to a new study.

Research conducted by forensic psychologist Nathan Brooks from Bond University found 21 per cent of 261 corporated professionals had clinically significant psychopathic traits.

Characteristics such as an inability to empathise, superficiality and insincerity are all associated with the condition.

Mr Brooks said…

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