Russia’s National Destiny

Russia’s National Destiny

Rixon Stewart – May 8, 2017

View from my hotel on a grey and misty Moscow day. Click to enlarge

A couple of points have come to mind while I’m here in Moscow.
First, despite sanctions, or talk of western imposed restrictions the economy doesn’t seem to be doing too badly.
I’m no financial expert but just looking around Moscow it is apparent that Russia is doing fine, economically at least.
This is evident in the Moscow skyline. When I first came here nearly a decade ago Moscow didn’t have any skyscrapers to speak of. Although it had a few tall buildings dating back to Stalin’s era it had nothing on the scale of many modern cities.
moscow skyscraper skyline2Now, little more than a decade later Russia’s capitol has seen a whole cluster of new towers spring up. This apparent evidence of economic resilience may explain why Russia and its leaders don’t seem too perturbed by the repeated threats of sanctions.
In essence the economy here is fairly sound.
There is also nothing like the racial/ethnic tensions that Western Europe has seen recently.
And that’s the irony because Russia has in its own way been a racial melting pot for centuries, far more so than Europe or even North America.
What’s different is this has been going on since Russia was born as a nation: whereas America’s multiracialism began relatively recently with slavery while Europe’s is rooted in its colonial past and both have been exploited to the full by the Illuminati. Meaning that although Russia’s ethnic quilt is less obvious it is far more deeply ingrained.
It’s also a popular myth that Russia is overwhelmingly pure white Caucasian. It’s not.
You only have to walk around the streets of Moscow to see evidence of this everywhere. You see Russians descended from Turkish-Armenian stock, Russians of Nordic-Scandinavian origins, Russians descended from Slavic stock and oriental looking Russians from the far east of the country.
In fact minutes after writing those words a girl from hotel housekeeping came and asked me if I would like my bed turned down. Or words to that effect, because she didn’t speak a word of English.
Like the oriental girl at the concierge desk whom I had earlier asked for a postcard and who consulted her Nordic looking college, because she didn’t speak any English: they illustrate why Russia is so different from the West.
Russia has its own unique culture and identity, and like the girl who just came to my room who was probably from the far east of Russia, it’s a multifaceted thing.
It’s a big place and all these people are part of it. The difference with Western Europe and the migrant crisis there is that racial mixing and miscegenation haven’t been railroaded through here, at least in historical terms. That’s a recipe for social disaster and it’s something Russia looks likely to avoid.
This is obviously unlike Germany, which is governed by an illuninati stooge where enforced miscegenation is now the order of the day.
Of course this does not mean that Russia is entirely without its problems or faults. It has its own oligarchs, it still has problems with corruption and there’s a deeply ingrained brutal streak in Russia’s national character that’s unique and very nasty.
In fact Russia could easily fall into the trap created by an abundance of material wealth. There are some very rich Russians and the hotel I’m staying in caters to them. I just had a beer in one of the hotel’s bars: the same Italian beer in Edinburgh or London would cost £2 maybe £3 at the most. Here they charge roughly £10.00.
There’s also a shop in the hotel lobby that sells handcrafted men’s shoes. There are similar shops in London and Edinburgh, which charge £150 to £300 for a pair of shoes. The shop in my Moscow hotel didn’t have any prices displayed but in spite warnings about “if you have to ask the price…” etc. I decided to ask.
Prices I was told “start at £1,000”. Throw in a Rolls Royce showroom just off the lobby and you get the idea. There’s a lot of money in Moscow and that has its own inherent dangers.
However, there’s also much here to engender hope in the broadest sense.
I am reminded of an ancient prophecy, or if you prefer a piece of folklore, which spoke of three great, global empires.
The first would be centred in Rome and is obviously the Roman Empire. The second would be centred in London and became what we know today as the British Empire; while the third and final global empire will have Moscow at its head.
These three empires hold sway over economic, military and political matters. They are in essence dominions in the material realm,
Sure it’s a prophecy/folklore but I have no doubt in my heart that it will come to pass. Russian society has not been completely ravaged by the New Order. It has emerged from the communist era with basic human values still intact in many of its people and I am absolutely convinced that Russia will one day develop into the pre-eminent global power.
In other words it will completely eclipse America, or what we know today as America.
As I understand it, America’s real national destiny has yet to be fulfilled but that, as they say, is another story entirely.

South Korea To U.S. Bankers Who Want To Be King: No More Wars For You To Hide Behind

Posted on 30 Apr 2017


Washington [Rothschild Bankers] wants war and bloodshed because the [Rothschild Bankers] Israeli regime is dictating what needs to be done. Trump is allowing that to happen. He is conniving with an essentially diabolical system, and this is really dangerous.

South Koreans are slowly but surely realizing that making a deal with a nation that is drunk with perpetual wars is like making a deal with the devil himself. In other words, people are seeing that perpetual wars breed perpetual hatred, perpetual hatred breeds moral and economic collapse, and moral and economic collapse breeds confusion, chaos, and complete catastrophe.

Trump is asking South Korea to pay for an anti-missile system (THAAD) that will cost at least $1 billion dollars, and South Koreans are basically saying that they cannot afford it. Hundreds of protesters in the town of Seongju carried signs which said:

“No THAAD, No War” and “Hey, USA, are you friends or occupying troops?”

Those protesters clashed with the police and began to throw water bottles at military trailers.

In essence, those people are saying, “We didn’t sign up for this.”

“South Korea has slammed US President Donald Trump’s suggestion that Seoul should pay for the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (Thaad) missile system that is now being deployed in the country. Trump had earlier questioned why the US was paying for the system that he valued at $1bn (£775m).”

Kim Ki-jung, foreign policy adviser to presidential candidate Moon Jae-in Moon and professor at Yonsei University, said:

“Even if we purchase THAAD, its main operation would be in the hands of the United States. So purchasing it would be an impossible option. That was our topic when we were considering the options.”

Even China has criticized THAAD, saying that “the anti-missile system undermines [South Korea’s] own national security.”

South Koreans are realizing that the only people who actually benefit from military programs and defense systems such as THAAD are defense contractors and the rich and powerful, not the average person.

If there is no war and if Kim Jung-un is not really a threat, then anti-missile systems are practically worthless. And those who have built those systems are, well, going to lose money.

In other words, perpetual wars, perpetual hatred and perpetual deaths are actually good for some people.

In the same vein, ISIS is good because military contractors are profiting from that. It has been reported that the Pentagon is selling “$300 million of military hardware to the [YPG] Kurdish army.” [The Non YPG Kurdish Army “dominate’ Is Pro Assad & Anti-ISIS]

In short, it is foolish for the Trump administration to provoke a country like North Korea. Nothing good has ever come out of perpetual wars. Trump seems to have learned virtually nothing from the wars in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Libya. As my friend and colleague Mark Dankof has recently said during an interview with Press TV, Trump “is a dangerous man … and I see the possibility of a global catastrophe.”

What we now desperately need at this juncture is good old practical reason in the political landscape. Russia has made several attempts to cooperate with the United States, but the Neocons in Washington have resolutely refused to talk. Why?

[U.S. Is Talking Now But Can They Be Trusted?]

Obviously because the Neocons and the Israeli regime have already rejected Logos in all its manifestations. The moral and political order is antithetical to the Neoconservative ideology, and that is one reason why virtually no serious person can understand why Washington is refusing to have reasonable and practical dialogue with other nations they disagree with.

Veterans Today

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Tests conducted clearly demonstrate that DU inhalation / ingestion scrambles chromosomes in a chaotic manner, causing Gulf War Illness.
Including transposing parts of chromosomes onto others. Thus so many different symptoms, and no possibility of a cure. Test results are very clearly understandable by the layman. Shows chromosomes as differently-colored, etc.

Be sure to watch all five parts of this great program. ( ) From the Discovery Channel.

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“Electing Saudi Arabia to protect women’s rights is like making an arsonist into the town fire chief,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch. “It’s absurd.”

“Every Saudi woman,” said Neuer, “must have a male guardian who makes all critical decisions on her behalf, controlling a woman’s life from her birth until death. Saudi Arabia also bans women from driving cars.”

“I wish I could find the words to express how I feel right know. I’m ‘saudi’ and this feels like betrayal,” tweeted a self-described Saudi woman pursuing a…

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Theresa May’s Brittle Shield Wall

Theresa May’s Brittle Shield Wall 

Pollster YouGove is into full on propaganda mode. They present results dished up with explanatory press releases for right wing journalists to push. This one was commissioned by Murdoch.

But if you burrow down into the actual data, which no journalist ever does, sometimes there are results which are quite interesting. It is important of course to note that the sample is a self-selecting one of the kind of people who volunteer for online polls, and is then adjusted to account for a number of things including a historic tendency to underrate the Tory vote, so the Tory numbers are consciously increased.

The first warning light flashes at me in the subsamples. The headline 48-24% Tory lead over Labour includes an extraordinary 29% Tory vote in Scotland. That is quite simply impossible. If it proves to be true, I will walk the length of Holyrood Road on my knees. It is bollocks.

That aside, the brittleness of the support the media have whipped up for hard Brexit is shown in a series of questions about the EU. Now it is true – and this was headlined by YouGove and the media – that by a narrow 46-43% the poll states that people believe Britain is right to leave the European Union. (32-60% in Scotland).

But dig into that and you find that support for May’s Brexit is quite extraordinarily brittle. This is the truly striking lesson from this poll, and nobody has picked up on it.

Look at the answers to these questions. In each case I have excluded the don’t knows and recalculated from the table:

Do you think Britain will be better off or worse off after we leave the EU?
Better off: 33%
Worse off: 44%
No Diff 23%

Do you think Britain will have more or less influence in the world after we leave the EU?
More influence: 23%
Less influence: 43%
No Diff: 34%

Do you think leaving the EU will have a good or bad effect on British jobs?

Good for jobs: 29%
Bad for jobs: 41%
No Difference: 30%

Do you think leaving the EU will have a good or bad effect on British pensions?

Good for pensions: 10%
Bad for pensions: 32%
No Difference: 58%

Do you think that leaving the EU will have a good or bad effect on the NHS?

Good for the NHS: 30%
Bad for the NHS: 34%
No Difference: 36%

Do you think there will be more or less immigration into the UK after we leave the EU?

More immigration: 3%
Less immigration: 56%
No Difference: 41%

So Theresa May wishes to hustle to a quick election victory on what she views as a national consensus building around hard Brexit. But that consensus is extremely brittle.

A majority of the population believe that Brexit is bad for the economy, bad for jobs, bad for the NHS, bad for pensions and bad for British influence in the world. The population are being stampeded into a direction that they plainly believe to be against their own self-interest. This makes May extraordinarily vulnerable to pushback on the EU. That should benefit the LibDems. It also shows that the SNP is wrong to backpedal on the EU to placate the Sillars vote. The pro-EU answers to each of those questions in Scotland alone are simply overwhelming.

Brexit’s only salience is on one single issue: immigration. But this poll does something still more interesting. It provides absolute proof of what I have been observing and commenting on for the past ten years, that the anti-immigration movement is founded on pure and simple racism.

Cutting immigration is the only alleged positive a majority see from Brexit. But they do not believe that this cutting of immigration will improve jobs, the economy, pensions, or the NHS. All the canting justifications for cutting immigration are cut through, because this poll reveals that people do not expect to see any of those effects. No, Brexiteers want to cut immigration simply because they are racists and do not like foreigners.

But given that May wants to fight this election solely on Brexit, and given that the only area of traction Brexit has is immigration, we can expect to see the nastiest anti-immigration campaign ever waged by a mainstream party. We can also expect to see repeatedly what Adam Boulton did to the Lib Dems Sarah Ludford on Sky News and hour ago. As soon as the EU was mentioned, Boulton aggressively intervened by invoking dog-whistle anti-immigration racism.

That is why Conservative policy today is near identical to the BNP manifesto of 2005, which promised:

– Severe cuts in immigration
– Leaving the EU
– Bringing back grammar schools
– Increased military spending
– More “security” and “strong leadership”
– Foreign policy driven by “British national interest” not human rights
– Reduce development aid

A Tory vote is a racist vote. Full stop.